Table 1. Types of design that can integrate with industrial design

Design view


Interior design

A variety of design aimed at the interior of the premises in order to provide a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing interaction of the environment with people.

Landscape Design

A variety of design located at the junction of three areas: on the one hand, architecture ,construction and design ( engineering aspect), on the other hand, botanists and crop production ( biological aspect) and, on the third hand, in landscape design, information from stories ( especially from cultural history )

Urban Design

Considered as a design-artistic synthesis of design with architecture, urban planning and plastic and visual arts.

Graphic design

Artistically - project activities aimed at creating a visual graphic program or system. Graphic design supports the development of socio-economic and cultural with fer life, contributing to the formation of meaningful visual landscape . Graphic design includes the development of fonts, advertising materials, trademarks, packaging and packaging, corporate styles of companies, etc.

Web design

Graphic view design, aimed at the development and design of objects of the information environment Internet, designed to provide them with high consumer properties and aesthetic toquality. At the moment, interface design is becoming especially popular.

Source: specialized print and online publications.