Countries in general and companies in particular that will not be able to adapt to the new technological structure and transform their production will not withstand the growing competition.

As for the global industrial design market, at the present moment formed two key segments: the market of design items (products with original industrial design) and an industrial design market (process design of new products mainly by design bureaus or independent designers). In this study, this direction will be considered mainly.

The new creative segment is growing globally at a moderate pace: from 2.5 to 5% in a year according to different expert estimates. The key driver of growth is increasing competition in world markets. In emerging markets, significantly more high growth due to the low base effect.

The level of development of national markets for industrial design services is extremely heterogeneous and depends on the state of the economy in general and industry in particular. According to the data analytical agencies, today recognized leaders are such developed countries as Great Britain, Finland, the USA, Japan, etc. The market for Industrial Design Services the rapidly developing countries of Asia (in particular, China and South Korea), which are aggressively are increasing their design capacity and in the short term can press off developed competitors. The weakest participants in the creative segment are poor countries of Africa and Latin America.