Expansion into foreign markets is very slow, due to the high design barrier.

Only point projects are implemented. In the near future, a breakthrough in this direction.

also not expected.

At the moment, according to data from analytical agencies, over 300 already operate in the Russian Federation.

bureau of industrial design. The absolute leaders of the emerging market, as already

it was said, so far only two companies can be called: SmirnovDesign and “Studio of Artemy

Lebedev. An interesting point is that the key players among themselves are not particularly

compete, as they operate in different creative niches. Expected in the future

an increase in the number of design agencies of both the full cycle and companies serving

certain stages of creating new products (design consulting, modeling, casting

forms, promotion of industrial design).

In relation to the Russian state policy in the field of industrial design,

note positive shifts. In the Russian Federation came the awareness of the need for development and support

this creative direction. In particular, an understanding of the consequences

Russia's accession to the WTO for domestic producers. However, attempts were made to

launch of specialized projects in 2006–2007 not successful. Perhaps this is due to

the fact that the proposed measures were not sufficiently adapted to the Russian environment with lagging

industry and the reluctance of manufacturers to engage in industrial design.