Today, the design of industrial products (from sophisticated equipment to consumer production) plays an important role in shaping the demand for goods both domestically and foreign markets. Design is an integral part of industrial design production, as well as technology, sales, logistics, promotion, etc. The world's leading manufacturers (design-centered companies) own this powerful market the instrument is quite virtuosic, which allows them to hold leading positions on background of increasing global competition. This is made possible by the interdisciplinary nature of industrial design combining elements marketing, new technology and art. An integrated approach allows simultaneously solve key business problems: make the mass product produced functional, ergonomic and aesthetic, and the production itself - the most economical. But gradually, the mission of industrial design becomes more complex, the emphasis shifts to the search for differentiations in conditions of overproduction, the birth of new consumer needs (meaning and other companies and people), the discovery of new directions in science, business and art.