Before launching production into mass production or for making a decision on the release of a consignment of goods, it becomes necessary to manufacture a prototype. R & D Outsourcing performs product prototyping on favorable terms for customers.

The company manufactures a sample (prototype) of products on the basis of the technical task available to the customer. In this case, the company performs the following work:

• development of the design and working drawings of the prototype model;

• manufacture of individual parts of the product;

• turnkey sample making;

• production of a batch of finished products.

Extensive manufacturing capabilities and the availability of our own design office allow the company to create prototypes of non-standard and standard products, as well as models of complex shape and with increased requirements for surface cleanliness.

The service is aimed at customers who have the opportunity to receive a large order, or customers who decide to independently start manufacturing new types of products. Prototyping significantly simplifies and accelerates the transition from idea to mass production of the product.

Features of prototyping by the company

The use of modern computer-aided design systems and the use of 3D milling technology (based on CNC machines) help to obtain a quality result in a short time. This approach allows the company to ensure the high quality of the prototype, while reducing labor costs and significant savings in material resources. The customer at the same time in a short time gets the finished product without the production of expensive tooling.

A high level of mutual understanding of the company with the client makes cooperation more productive. Being confident in obtaining high-quality results, the company establishes a guarantee for the work performed as part of the prototyping service.

You can order the production of a prototype model or the production of a batch of metal goods through a feedback form or by office phone number.