Development of industrial design products in the company "R & D Outsourcing" usually consists of the following steps:

 Conducting a primary design study

 Generation of ideas

 Sketching (creating sketches)

 3D Modeling

 Consultation and coordination with the designer

 Prototype manufacture

 Release of finished batches

R & D Outsourcing creates design using modern technologies, ensuring high quality of implementation of any customer's ideas. It is high-quality design that allows us to offer you the realization of the most daring designs.

The purpose of industrial design is to find solutions to the problems and needs of the user, to create a new product or to improve an already created one, thereby increasing the consumer qualities of the product. To form around the person the most comfortable conditions for living and working.

Having ordered from us industrial design of hardware, you will save your time and money!

The industrial designer of the R & D Outsourcing company has many important tasks:

 Examine an existing product and the market in which it is presented

 Identify the main requirements and needs of the user

 Create your product that solves all existing problems.

 Explain the benefits. The appearance of the product should speak for itself, without causing difficulties and questions about its operation.

 To argue the need for this product on the market. It is extremely important not to fill the market with the same products.

 Take care of ensuring maximum security, simplicity and intuitiveness of the product interface.

 Reduce production costs by carefully considering the design and materials of the product.

 Extremely simplify maintenance and disposal.

 To be the face of the brand, keeping the existing traditions.

Design can be called the engine of progress. Many design solutions have become a real breakthrough in human life. For example, Braun designer Dieter RAMS in the 1960s was the first to come up with the color coding of equipment. Now the red color of the “STOP” button and the green triangle “START” are familiar things to everyone, but then it was a breakthrough.

Recently, a very important factor when creating a product is its environmental friendliness, ease of processing and the absence of negative consequences for the surrounding world.

When ordering industrial design of metal products, factors affecting the cost and time of design and manufacture of a product should be taken into account:

- The complexity of the device and a list of requirements for functionality

- The number of concepts and elements of the body

- Scope of edits for the selected concept

- Number of renders required for the final result

- The timing of the project

The minimum delivery time for your order is 7 working days.

Industrial design is a complex service consisting of a conceptual part and engineering development.

When ordering industrial design in R & D Outsourcing, we will carefully listen to your idea, ask leading questions, draw up a Terms of Reference, which will spell out all the requirements for a future product.

We will analyze the market, compare the competitor's product, collect all the data about the advantages and disadvantages of their decisions.

We will draw several sketches and create several simple 3D models, select a color graphic scheme and design a convenient interface.

The results of the work will be presented to you in the form of a presentation. Your comments and suggestions will be carefully listened to. After making changes you can choose the best option.

After the approval of the concept, the design of the device and internal fasteners will be developed. At this stage, testing the convenience of assembly, maintenance and operation of the product.

Careful selection of optimum materials will be made.

There will also be prepared all the necessary drawings and technical documentation.