The positions of the Russian Federation can be assessed as rather weak against the general background; the Russian market of services in

The field of industrial design is at the stage of its formation. Current backlog

Russian creative industry and its low integration into the world market is due to

above all, the legacy of the Soviet planned economy, when the design produced

products was not important. The slow recovery of the industry also played its part.

in the country after the crisis of the 90s.

However, at the moment there are also a number of stop factors that prevent more

active development direction. In particular, it is the skepticism of domestic

manufacturers, technological backwardness of production, lack of qualified personnel,

underdeveloped consumer culture, few public-private

initiatives (mainly implemented by design projects of RUSNANO and Rostec), weak

promotion of domestic industrial design in the domestic and foreign markets.

Nevertheless, according to market participants, the demand for artistic design services

gradually growing. The average growth rate for the period from 2012 to 2016. accounted for over 20%.

This high rate is due to the effect of a low base. As the market develops

growth will slow down to 10–13% per year. The volume of the market of design services in 2015

amounted to only 126.5 million rubles. (about 2 million dollars), and in 2016 - 149.3 million rubles. (approximately 2.2 million

dollars) These are very low rates compared to the level of developed markets. So, in 2015–2016

yy The volume of the American design services market was over 2.5 billion dollars, according to

analytical agencies. The difficulty of assessing the Russian market of design services is that

that official statistics in the field of industrial design is virtually absent. However it is expected

that in 2018 the official monitoring system of the creative industry will be launched.