It should be noted that despite the substantial commercial component, industrial design is a creative direction and largely depends on the talent of the designer himself, his vision of the objects being designed and the spatial environment (here industrial design begins to overlap with architecture7). Many works of modern industrial designers are in famous museums of the world: in the museums of modern art in New York and San Francisco (USA), in the V & A museum in London (United Kingdom), in the museum of decorative art in Copenhagen (Denmark), etc. ( splicing the markets for industrial design and contemporary art (see below). Well-known industrial designers are also often included in the ratings of the most influential people in the world. So, for example, in

In 2016, according to the American magazine Time, Australian designer Marc Newson (Marc Newson) entered a similar rating - TOP100 influential people on the planet. TOP10 of the most famous modern industrial designers presented in the table.