Despite significant barriers, today there are already a number of areas where

industrial design begins to be actively involved: the production of various plastic products, and

also production of special equipment, sporting goods, medical equipment,

furniture, lamps, home and office products. Among other growth drivers you can

to note the growth of innovative industries, including in the framework of technology parks, as well as quite

active development of engineering, including with the support of the state. Demand for services

domestic industrial designers can be further supported by cultural

Market for Industrial Design Services


national factor, that is, a deep understanding of the particular needs

Russian customers.

As for the geographical features of the Russian market, the leaders are estimated

experts, naturally, are Moscow and St. Petersburg, where most of

design companies. Leaders among the regions are large industrial cities, such

like Ekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Izhevsk.