The prototyping center of Technopark of St. Petersburg has all the necessary set of competencies that companies may need to solve various technical issues.

The most popular services of the Prototyping Center are: development of design documentation (CD), production of a prototype or conceptual models on the instructions of the customer.

An example of such an integrated approach is the design of electromechanical gears and drives with high specific characteristics. Such drives are widely used in the design of robots and robotic systems.

The staff of the Prototyping Center can calculate the design, develop and release a design documentation, make a prototype or a prototype of the following products:

• Planetary gears of any type, including high-speed;

• planetary roller gears;

• wave gears.

Development and release of design documentation are made in licensed software packages KOMPAS-3D, SolidWorks and KISSsoft in accordance with ESKD.