When using the services of various suppliers, it is necessary to be vigilant already at the stage of the transaction. The reality of the fulfillment of the terms of the counterparty's deal will be subject to verification by the tax authorities. Therefore, the Customer must make sure before the transaction that the service provider has all the necessary resources to fulfill the contract.

The main marker of the decency of the outsourcer company is the service pricing system. Neither his current experience nor the scale of the services provided affects the level of his reliability. A company can be completely new in the outsourcing world, with a minimum headcount, but at the same time an absolutely potentially reliable partner.

It is not enough to check the counterparty at the stage of considering commercial conditions; the outsourcers must be regularly checked during the course of work. Major market players conduct a systematic review of compliance with the terms of the contract for each reporting period.

To work or not to work with outsourcers? The decision, of course, rests with the company itself. Many people already know the advantages of outsourcing personnel, the main thing is to apply this experience correctly and safely.