Improving the efficiency of organizing the provision of medical care to citizens through the introduction of information technologies, monitoring the possibility of making an appointment with a doctor, the transition to maintaining medical records in electronic form at least 50% of medical organizations by 2018 (80% by 2020), implementation of at least 10 electronic services (services) in the Patient's Personal Account "My Health" at EPGU, which will be used by at least 14 million citizens in 2018 (30 million in 2020) Federal project Primary health care (2018-2023):
ensuring optimal accessibility for the population of medical organizations providing primary health care; ... optimization of the work of medical organizations providing primary health care, reducing the waiting time in line when citizens apply to these medical organizations, simplifying the procedure for making an appointment with a doctor; …

Federal project Digital health contour (2019-2024):
Improving the efficiency of the functioning of the healthcare system by creating a single digital healthcare loop and organizing mechanisms for information interaction between medical organizations of the state and municipal healthcare systems based on the Uniform State Health Information System in 2022, the implementation of electronic services (services) in the patient's personal account "My Health" at EPGU, available to all citizens of the Russian Federation by 2024
Project "Digital Health"

Increasing the availability of medical care to the population

It is a priority within the framework of the main direction of the strategic development of the Russian Federation "Healthcare" for the period up to 2025,
approved by the minutes of the meeting of the Presidential Council for Strategic Development and Priority Projects dated March 21, 2017 No. 2
Making an appointment with a doctor is the most important service that increases the availability of medical care to the population
Regional doctor appointment systems have been developing in Russia since 2010 and in fact were the first successful step towards digital transformation
health care - appointment with a doctor has become faster, easier and available online
Regional doctor appointment systems went through a stage of quantitative growth in 2010-2017 and now they need a qualitative leap, which requires, first of all, a reference digital measurement system - a “reference meter”