Ruble bit

Central Bank announced the development of a national digital currency in Russia

Digital circuit needs maneuver

Russian Association for Electronic Communications advocates tax breaks for Internet companies The IT industry has proposed to the government to extend the "tax…

Gilding from a Cypriot passport

One of the most popular programs for obtaining foreign citizenship among Russians is suspended After numerous checks and decisions to revoke the "golden passports"…

Borrowers have used up all deferred demand

OKB presented fresh data on the issuance of unsecured loans to individuals The deferred demand of the population for cash loans has been exhausted, the OKB reported.

The main lot went to the auctioneers

Nobel Prize Laureates in Economics named US citizens Paul Milgrom and Robert Wilson were awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics.

Kamchatka collapse

Summer vacation season for most Russian regions turned out to be a failure In the absence of international flights, not all Russian regions were able to increase…

Vaneev's case: how the founder of Eurodon lost his business

Debt of Eurodon is more than 28 billion rubles, in August the company made a delay in its loan to VEB, and in October the main creditor and owner of the company…

Denominations: why the business of the vice-chairmen is declining, but not disappearing

Every 30th Russian company is registered as a nominee owner or director. Are they really getting smaller? RBC magazine studied companies' reports and spoke with…

Drilled: How to Raise an Online Tool Sales Leader

When the online store "" started a business in the market of household goods and repairs, this niche was relatively free, but the site still manages…

Travel pilots: how Royal Flight quadrupled revenue

For the second year in a row, a charter air carrier has become a newcomer to the RBC rating of fast-growing companies.

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