Beets did not live up to hopes for a sweet life

Wholesale prices for sugar began to rise in Russia

The passes divided the Russians in half

Sociologists have studied the attitude of the population to the measures taken by the authorities to combat COVID-19

"Airplane" headed for the stock exchange

One of the largest Russian developers will hold an IPO this year

Autonomous insufficiency

Strelka experts analyzed the vulnerability of Russian cities to the crisis caused by the pandemic KB Strelka experts assessed Russian cities by the degree of budget…

Baking fever

GfK analysts recorded a decline in sales of ready-made bread

Kamchatka burn

What caused the environmental disaster in Avacha Bay

The conflict has no strongest beneficiaries

The RIAC assessed the consequences of the escalation of the economic confrontation between the United States and China

Office-free work worries one in five

Censuswide Investigates Employee Work Preferences After Lockdown

Operators stood up for Ukrainian wheels

The largest railway companies opposed restrictions on the import of components for wagons Wagon operators asked Deputy Prime Minister Andrey Belousov not to restrict…

Wagons in the paddock

Uralvagonzavod cannot find buyers for its civilian products

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