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- production and installation of printed circuit boards of any complexity;
- manufacturing, assembly, installation, configuration, testing of prototypes, small batches, serial products of any complexity.
- production of cases and packaging;
- installation of DIP, SMD, BGA and other components on printed circuit boards, organization of incoming quality control of radio electronic components
- a complete set of services for the design and implementation of research and development in the field of modernization and development of new electronic devices (microprocessor systems, microcontroller-based systems, digital communication systems in the unlicensed and licensed frequency ranges, amplifiers, power supplies and load switching, interface with modern interfaces various purposes)

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    R&D outsouring

    We specialize in research outsourcing and development outsourcing, using the best equipment and experts


    نحن متخصصون في الاستعانة بمصادر خارجية للبحوث وتطوير الاستعانة بمصادر خارجية ، باستخدام أفضل المعدات والخبراء

    Nos especializamos en la investigación de outsourcing y desarrollo de outsourcing, utilizando los mejores equipos y expertos.


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