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- development of any technical solutions based on microcontrollers and microprocessors (x86 / ARM / Atmel / PIC / STM, etc.), both in terms of the TOR and in the expected final properties and functions;
- development of digital communication systems of various ranges for the 70/433/868/900/1800/2400/5000 MHz bands, including support for most modern protocols;
- development of automation systems, control, telemetry, communication, integration with industrial interfaces;
- development of client-server software, incl. for monitoring and controlling equipment;
- development of original data exchange interfaces, development of solutions using modern interfaces for household and professional equipment.
- development of power sources, generation circuits, amplifiers, power electronics;
- development of solutions for automating the registration of energy metering in the housing and utilities sector (AMR / ASTUE);
- software development for x86 / ARM / MCU platforms and Win / Linux / Android / iOS OS;
- development of buildings, structures made of plastic, metal and other materials (including 3D scanning, 3D printing, metal processing);
- development of design and technological documentation (GOST ESKD, DIN-ISO), support for the launch of production and production.
- development of electrical schematic diagrams;
- development of the topology of printed circuit boards, including multilayer and multifunctional.

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