Precise machining

CNC Precision Metalworking
For the manufacture of serial, small-scale products using high-precision metalworking machines and CNC centers. Thus, modern HAAS VF-3YT / 50 milling machining center is used to process serial parts and precision products with a complex forming surface. - milling machine Mitsubishi MV1200R Advance.

3D scanning.
3D scanning without scanning data processing from 1000 rub.
3D scan with preprocessing of scan data from 2000 rub.
As a result, 3D scanning of an object results in its three-dimensional model in the STL format. If a
it is necessary we can convert this format to any other. Also at your request
we can modify the resulting model.
The cost of 3D scanning work depends on several parameters:
- the physical dimensions of the object,
- detailing and spatial geometry,
- time spent on scanning and subsequent processing.
The cost of 3D scanning includes work:
- 3D scanning of an object
- creation of 3D-models of scanned surfaces.
3D printing (according to the finished 3D model)
PLA plastic 0-500 gr 45 rubles / g.
PLA plastic over from 500-1000 gr 40 rubles / g.
PLA plastic over 1000 g 35 rub. / G.
From other materials On request
Additional work on 3D printing:
Creating a model for drawings from 100 rubles.
Creating a model from sketches or photos from 500 rubles.
Characteristics of the resulting 3D prototypes (finished products):
The size of the 3D prototype (maximum) 340x340x750 mm.
Larger sizes can be printed in parts. When ordering large volumes of cost
calculated individually with the provision of discounts.
To estimate the cost of printing, you need to send us a model in STL format in the mail.
scale required, specifying the material to be printed ABS or PLA.
You send us a model in any 3D format and specify the desired dimensions, we
convert model to format. STL scale it and prepare it for 3D printing.
You send us sketches, photographs or drawings, indicating the desired dimensions, we
we create a model according to your sketches, we coordinate it with you, and then we print.
3D modeling (depending on the complexity of the product)
Low poly model from 2000 rubles
Model of medium complexity (industrial products). from 5000 rubles
High poly models (3D objects for production,
milling cutting, 3D printing). from 8000 rubles
Design and manufacture of molds, dies and tooling (depending on
product complexity)
Mold Design from 15,000 rubles.
Design stamps. from 20,000 rubles.
Designing equipment and fasteners. from 5000 rub.
Development of control programs for CNC systems. from 3000 rub.
Mold making. from 10,000 rubles.
Making stamps. from 20,000 rubles.
Production of equipment and fasteners from 5000 rubles.
Precision metalworking depending on the complexity of the product
Milling processing From 850 rubles per hour
Electroerosive treatment From 1000 rubles per hour
Processed materials:
steel, hard alloy, copper, aluminum, graphite, PKA, CBN. The best roughness - Ra, microns -
0.20 (mirroring). Achievable accuracy on parts - μm +/- 1.5.

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