Analytical chemistry
 Particle analysis
 X-ray fluorescence analysis
Measuring instruments
 Spectrum and signal analyzers
 Optical microscopes
 Tables for optical microscopy
Test equipment
 Vibration Testing Equipment
 Geotechnical production equipment
 Material hardness measurement
DC power sources
Vacuum equipment
 Helium mass spectrometric leak detectors
 Components of vacuum systems
 Pumping equipment
Video Recording Systems
 High speed cameras
 Highly sensitive cameras
 Intensified cameras
Job equipment
 Soldering and radio installation equipment
 Industrial Furniture
 Antistatic equipment
Industrial Diagnostic Equipment
 Thermal imagers
 Electrical Equipment
 Search and diagnostics of underground communications
Fiber spectrometry
 Fiber Spectrometers and Systems
 Radiation sources
 Atomic spectroscopy
Equipment for semiconductor materials
3D equipment and materials
 Plastic for 3D printers
R&D outsouring

We specialize in research outsourcing and development outsourcing, using the best equipment and experts


نحن متخصصون في الاستعانة بمصادر خارجية للبحوث وتطوير الاستعانة بمصادر خارجية ، باستخدام أفضل المعدات والخبراء

Nos especializamos en la investigación de outsourcing y desarrollo de outsourcing, utilizando los mejores equipos y expertos.


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