Preparing for prototyping / manufacturing products

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Preparing a model for 3D printing, rubles / man-hour
Preparing a model for milling on a milling engraving machine / CNC laser engraving machine, RUR / man-hour
Preparing a model for milling on a precision CNC milling and engraving machine, RUR / man-hour
Preparation of the model for processing on a cutting plotter, rub / man-hour
Analysis of the model on a digital 3D-scanner with finishing, rub.

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R&D outsouring

We specialize in research outsourcing and development outsourcing, using the best equipment and experts


نحن متخصصون في الاستعانة بمصادر خارجية للبحوث وتطوير الاستعانة بمصادر خارجية ، باستخدام أفضل المعدات والخبراء

Nos especializamos en la investigación de outsourcing y desarrollo de outsourcing, utilizando los mejores equipos y expertos.


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