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Application services of the TOR MagSput-DC-RF vacuum deposition unit

Services of application of the electron-beam sputtering system MEB 550 S

Atomic Layer Deposition (ASO) Installation Services Picosun R 200

Application services of the automatic grinding and polishing system HMP BT 370

Services of application of probe station for electrophysical applications SUMMIT 11000V-M

Services of application of installation of bezmaskovy combination and exhibiting (bezmaskny lithograph) Heidelberg Instruments MLA100

Application services of a printer for printed electronics

Services of application of a raster electronic microscope Quanta 200 3D

Application services of the optical contact lithography installation OAI Hybralign 500

Plasma Chemical Deposition Unit Application Services (PECVD) Oxford Plasma Lab 100

Application services of the installation of electron-beam and magnetron sputtering BOC Edwards AUTO 500

Services of application of system of fast heat treatment Jetfirst 200
Services for the installation of precision cutting and scribing of Disco DAD 320 silicon wafers

Services of the installation of laser cutting and engraving MLP-2

Services of application of installation of ultrasonic contact welding 4524AD Kulicke & sofa

Application services of the vacuum splicing unit for AWB 04 Wafer Boder substrates

Application services of a portable X-ray fluorescent analyzer of chemical composition X-MET 5100

Plasma etching system application services with Trion vacuum gateway

Services of using an analytical complex based on a mass spectrometer with inductively coupled plasma Thermo Scientific iCAP-Qc

Services of application of a laboratory bead mill of NETZSCH LabStar LS1

Application services of a set of equipment for infrared spectroscopy Nicolet iS50 FT-IR

Application services for measuring the transmission and reflection spectra of thin films and suspensions HR 4000 Ocean Optics

Atomic Layer Deposition SUNALE R -150B Installation Services

Application services of the technological module of molecular-layer deposition of thin films Sunale R-100 (Picohot precursors evaporation system)

Services of application of the combined ThetaProbe X-ray photoelectron spectrometer

Services of application of the analytical module of optical research methods ellipsometer SE500adv

Eitre-3 imprint nanolithography application services with a UV module

Services for the use of the inspection module probe probe methods XP200

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